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What has caused or contributed to your financial difficulty?

Enroll Qualifying Bills Into One Lower Monthly Payment

  • The average household in the US has over $15,000 in debt not including a mortgage, and pay almost $1000 in interest fees every year*.
  • A quick call with a credit counselor will provide you with an estimated plan detailing your future savings and the length of time in a debt management program.

Credit Couseling

APFSC offers free credit counseling or debt counseling services. Our certified credit counselors will go over your finances, income, expenses, and conduct a free debt analysis.​

Interest Rate Reduction

Have good credit? We'll make sure to get you the lowest credit card interest rate possible. Rates can be up to 99% lower and as low as zero percent.

Debt Management

Debt management plan, also referred to as a DMP is a debt relief program that is customized to fit your needs with the help of a credit counselor.

Personal Loan

Consolidate your debt into a low rate personal loan. Easy to qualify.

Financial Analysis

The key to regaining control of our financial life is to understand completely where your money goes to and efficiently use it.

Free Consultation

Consolidating credit debt today is easier than ever to both apply for and qualify. Yet there are many variations and subsets to these types of programs.

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We know the anxiety related to crushing credit card debt. At Meridian, we work for you! We pride ourselves in setting the client first, and we want you to realize that we are here to assist you every step of the way. Peace of mind is eminent, so you can be guaranteed that you have partnered with a company you can trust to give you excellent support and results!


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